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Saturday, 20 February 2016

The Future (Update #2)

I have decided to open all boards now, so 1971 to 2004 are open. But it needs to be updated from July 1983 to March 2004. April, May & June are already updated.

All you need to do is register here....



breakingglass1 said...

hello - i would like to join the blackstar board but it restricts access to members and invited guests. may i please join?

thank you


cygnet said...

Hi. You just need to register as a new member on the page that the link takes you too. Then when i see it i will approve it and you will then be a member and will login with username and password that you used to register with.
Any problems just shout again :)

marcio said...

can you share Shilling the Rubes song?

cygnet said...

Probably not! I am only dealing with Radio/TV/Live work right now. I have no plans to share studio outtakes or an official recordings.
Hope that helps you in your search for Young Americans outtakes.

christian attfield said...

Hi there, good to see you back. Maybe i'm mad but i can't see any links to download the shows.
Am i missing something bleedin' obvious?

cygnet said...

HI. You need to leave a comment in the show you want. then i will upload a download link for you.
I have far too many shows to post for me to upload a link to each.
Hope that clears it up, if not then just shout or send me a PM on the forum :)

christian attfield said...

Got it, thanks.
None I need yet that I can see but i'll do that from now on.