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Friday, 7 August 2009


Here at last is my version of Toy. This was the suggested track listing Courtesy of...


01-Uncle Floyd (30 Secs).
02-Afraid (Demo).
03-Baby Loves That Way.
04-I Dig Everything (30 Secs).
05-Conversation Piece.
06-Let Me Sleep Beside You.
07-Your Turn To Drive.
08-Hole In The Ground (30 Secs).
10-In The Heat Of The Morning (30 Secs).
11-You've Got A Habit Of Leaving.
12-Silly Boy Blue.
13-London Boys.
14-Liza jane (30 Secs).
15-Toy Medley.

Tracks 01-12-
Tracks 13-14-Suggested B Sides.
Track 15-The 30 second Snippets.

Track 13 is spliced from 2 sources.

Download Here...
for information only

Wednesday, 5 August 2009


Hi all
Sorry for lack of posts recently, i've had another bout of illness, and to be honest didn't really feel up to doing much! And i'm still rather weak from it.
Anyway heres a little gift for you all. Some of you may have this, others may not but enjoy it all the same.


More posts to come, but may not be till September.