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Sunday, 1 March 2009

1978 04 04 Los Angeles Slaughter In The Air.

Slaughter In The Air.

Track Listing...
02-What In the World.
03-Be My Wife.
04-The Jean Genie.
06-Sense Of Doubt.
07-Speed Of Life.
08-Breaking Glass.
09-Beauty & The Beast.
11-Five Years.
12-Soul Love.
14-Hang Onto Yourself.
15-Ziggy Stardust.
16-Suffragette City.
17-Rock N Roll Suicide.
18-Art Decade.
19-Station To Station.
21-TVC 15.
22-Rebel Rebel.

Rating out of 10: 8.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome recording many thanks.

PS. The Preston Ziggy bootleg is gone.

fatwhiteduke said...

Cygnet,trust you are well, thanks for this burst of shows and a question , Do you or anyone who looks at this board have Nagoya 12.04.73 ? This show has recently surfaced as a torrent on other sites but has anyone got it in rar??? Many Thanks as always FWD

Anonymous said...

Cygnet - as always, thank you so much for sharing all of these shows. As a 46 yr old who grew up on Bowie in the Uk in the early 70's, I could only read about these shows and never even knew that most had been recorded and traded.

Can't thank you enough for sharing them and giving myself (and others) a chance to hear them.

Most importantly - how is your health, good buddy? I hope you are feeling much better and are on the mend.

Take good care of yourself :)

Anonymous said...

Superthanks! Happy to see you're back on top with this recent string of wonders. Keep it coming the 1978 tour!

cygnet said...

I'll check it and re up if i have to.

I have Nagoya 73 :). I realised that i missed out uploading my 1973 Japanese gigs, what a muppet!

I'll get round to uploading them asap.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that Cygnet. wow incredible, i like the Jean Genie guitar part, completely out of tune..