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The Future (Update #3)

The site is coming along nicely now. Lots of updates etc. We can now boast over 1,500 downloads available in MP3., all you have to do is ask...

Sunday 5 March 2017

The Future (Update #4)

The Future (Update #4)

I have now started a FLAC section, it will be big so will take some time to post all FLAC's. Patience is the key here!

So the site now boasts over 1,700 Mp3 downloads. Many, many multiple concerts with all the labels known to man! But only 28 Flacs downloads so far.


It is run slightly different to before....
01-BOTH MP3 & FLAC (Slowly building up)
02-You will need to ask in the post that you want it. I will then upload it and post the link
03-I have a life outside the internet so WILL not be there 24/7! You may have to wait for a download.
04-You will need to register again if you have been a member before
05-Please treat the forum with respect for Bowie's memory.

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